Eco slim copen în de winkel

eco slim copen în de winkel

Jul 14, Andreea Chiuaru rated it liked it 3.

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A început super promițător, e scrisă ok pentru un thriller, însă pe parcurs s-a întâmplat ceva ce mi se pare că i-a cam știrbit din valoare. Puncte bonus pentru faptul că se citește rapid și are acel ceva care o face greu de lăsat din mână.

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Punctele minus vin din faptul că am citit eu alte cărți mai bune. Actuallyblurbblerb is wrong as the main character isn't a Psychologist, but psychiatrist I believe the character corrects someone in the book and that caught my attention.

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Anyway, that's irrelevant This wasn't really the focus of the plot though. I had hoped it would be featured more.

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The plot centers really on how the main character Eco slim copen în de winkel Cobb in As a Fat burn logo, I was immediately drawn in by the summary of the book, on the back page. The plot centers really on how the main character James Cobb investigates an event described to him by a client during hypnosis.

Беккера поразила ее реакция. - Сьюзан, не знал, что ты… - Это из сатир Ювенала! - воскликнула.  - Кто будет охранять охранников. Иными словами - кто будет охранять Агентство национальной безопасности, пока мы охраняем мир.

I mean this is a breach of ethics and there are many of those in the book without giving away a spoiler which I did kind of roll my eyes, as somethings wouldn't hopefully happen in real life. I had to make a concerted effort to not read this book as a practitioner but to simply enjoy the 'fiction'.

And I did. But it was pure entertainment and I really enjoyed EO Chirovici's blunt, to the point and at times slightly disconcerting writing style.

 Нет.  - Стратмор хмуро посмотрел на нее и двинулся к двери.  - Но будем надеяться, что он этого не узнает.

It works and I thought it wouldn't work too but blunt. But in a world of over the top descriptive imagery, this style is refreshing.

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A solid 3 and a half stars and truly would be 4 stars if I had liked the protagonist more and I would have if you had been more ethical but that's really because I'm a clinician!

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