Devas’s journey beginns in 2010 spring time when Dragos Cucos (piano), Cristian Serbanescu (violin) and Ionut Catarama (violin) decided to set up an electronic symphonic music band.

Graduated of the Academy of Music in Cluj, Romania, the three artists give up the activity into the Philharmonic and professorship and begin a new phase of their lives. The journey continues with the first concerts in the summer of 2010, in which are presented international classical music. Their work and talent is objectified on the first album in 2011 – “Androginal Simphonicity”, followed by the European tour to promote “Devas – The Beginning”.

The beginning of 2012 brings into the Devas’s band a new collaborator who came from overseas. Lucas Molina professional flamenco dancer and percussionist, he brings a new passion in the band and the artists began to integrate other musical styles such as Modern, Classic Music and Fusion.

Thus is born the first project – Love Trance Fusion – that combines classical and trance music. The result: greate audience and an extraordinary atmosphere during the concerts on the beach and across the country. Another daring project that Devas is approaching is Ethnic Story in which classical music meets world traditions (Oriental, Latin, Café concert, Balkan), mixed in a modern and original style.

With a new look and a new team Devas successfully continue the journey in 2014.

despre noi

despre cristi

He studied violin sience he was 6 years old. At the age of 10 sustaines his first international concert as soloist.

After the Art School follows the Academy of Music in Cluj and master specialization in violin. He leaves the Philharmonic to pursue his calling of the soul, to compose and perform music that awakens the heart of people.

For Christian, Devas is the most beautiful journey of his life so far.

In 2010 begins an important stage of his musical journey when he choose Devas together with Dragos and Ionut.

despre dragos

Dragos began singing together with the choral group Lyrica at the age of 7. In 1990, his life took a decisive turn when he received a piano heritage and enrolled him self into the music school. Arriving at the Academy of Music in Cluj, Dragos decides to follow his dream and start to compose and sing alone, under the stage name Byblos.

In 1999 released his first album “The Way of Liberty”. After graduating from the Academy, he continues his career as professor of music. Simultaneously Dragos is working on three albums of electronic and club music (Energy 2005, Fusion 2007 and Hologram Fragments 2010) and important collaborations composing theater music for Tandarica Theatre in Bucharest, the album having the name “Jewel of Grand Circle-product of Experience Publishing Inc., Usa-2008).

For all that, he gained musical fulfillment in 2010 when together with Christian and Ionut founded the musical band DEVAS.

despre ionut

His orientation towards music was discovered by his grandfather when Ionut was 4 years old. He taught him the first musical arrangements on the accordion. Even so, in the general school Ionut chose violin. He attended the High School of Music, Music Academy in Cluj and Master -violin specialization-. The making of his talent came true through concerts and national and international tournaments, where he showed much dedication and perseverance. He chose Devas because of his passion for classical music. For him it is a way to express creativity and talent and to give others the beauty of his soul.