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Această apropiere de suprafață este cea care distinge în principal astfel de ambarcațiuni de aeronave, care derivă ridicarea lor de forțele aerodinamice create prin mișcarea prin aer.

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Musonii sunt rezultatul întâlnirii căldurii și frigului. Există două clase principale de vehicule cu pernă de aer: cele care își generează diferența de presiune proprie indiferent de viteza de avans; și cele, mai strâns legate de aeronavele adevărate, care necesită viteză înainte înainte de a putea fi generat diferențialul de presiune. Primele sunt clasificate ca nave aerostatice ACV ; acestea din urmă sunt numite aparate aerodinamice cu efect de sol GEM.

Neither Thornycroft nor other inventors in following decades succeeded in solving the cushion-containment problem. In the meantime aviation developed, and pilots early discovered that when they were flying very close to land or water surface their aircraft developed greater lift than in free air. The amount of additional pressure proved dependent on the design of the wing and its height above ground.

The effect was strongest when the height was between one-half and one-third of the average front-to-rear breadth of the wing chord. Practical use was made of the ground effect in by the German Dornier Do X flying boat, which achieved a considerable gain in performance during an Atlantic crossing when it flew close to the sea surface.

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World War II maritime reconnaissance aircraft also made use of the phenomenon to extend their endurance. In the s, American aerodynamicists developed an experimental craft, making use of a wing in connection with ground effect.

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Several other proposals of this type were put forward, and a further variation combined the airfoil characteristics of a ground-effect machine with an air-cushion lift system that allowed the craft to develop its own hovering power while stationary, then build up forward speed, gradually transferring the lift component to its airfoil.

Although none of these craft got beyond the experimental stage, they were important portents of the future because they suggested means of using the hovering advantage of the air-cushion vehicle and overcoming its theoretical speed limitation of around miles per hour kilometres per hourabove which it was difficult to hold the air cushion in place.

These vehicles are known as ram-wing craft. Christopher Cockerell of the United Kingdom is now acknowledged to have been the father of the Hovercraft, as the air-cushion vehicle is popularly known.

During World War II he had been closely connected with the development of radar and other radio aids and had retired into peacetime life as a boatbuilder. He theorized that, if air were instead pumped under the vessel through a narrow slot running entirely around the circumference, the air would flow toward the centre of the vessel, forming an external curtain that would effectively contain the cushion.

This system is known as a peripheral jet.

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Once air has inperformance regiuni în greutate up below the craft to a pressure equaling the craft weight, incoming air has nowhere to go but outward and experiences a sharp change of velocity on striking the surface. The momentum of the peripheral jet air keeps the cushion pressure and the ground clearance higher than it would be if air were pumped directly into a plenum chamber.

To test his theory, Cockerell set up an apparatus consisting of a blower that fed air into an inverted coffee tin through a hole in the base.

The tin was suspended over the weighing pan of a pair of kitchen scales, and air blown into the tin forced the pan down against the mass of a number of weights. In this way the forces involved were roughly measured. By securing a second tin within the first and directing air down through the space between, Cockerell was able to demonstrate that more than three times the number of weights could be raised by this means, compared with the plenum chamber effect of the single can.

His early memoranda and reports show a prescient grasp of the problems involved in translating the theory into practice. He forecast, for example, that some kind of secondary suspension would be required in addition to the air cushion itself.

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Another of his ideas still to be developed deals with the recirculation of air in the peripheral jet so that part of it is used over and over, improving efficiency and reducing the power required. It was called the SR. Originally the SR. Instead of having a completely solid structure inperformance regiuni în greutate contain the cushion and peripheral jet, it incorporated a 6-inch- centimetre- deep skirt of rubberized fabric. This development provided a means whereby the air cushion could easily be contained despite unevenness of the ground or water.

It was soon found that the skirt made it possible to revert once again to the plenum chamber as a cushion producer.

Use of the skirt brought the problem of making skirts durable enough to withstand the friction wear produced at high speeds through water. It was necessary to develop the design and manufacturing skills that would allow skirts to be made in the optimum shape for aerodynamic efficiency.

Skirts of rubber and plastic mixtures, 4 feet 1. N1 had been increased by using them and incorporating gas-turbine power to a payload of seven tons and a maximum speed of 50 knots.

The first crossing of the English Channel by the SR. Manufacturers and operators in many parts of the world became interested.

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Manufacture began in the United States, Japan, Sweden, and France; and in Britain additional British companies were building craft in the early s. In the first major variation of the basic air-cushion vehicle theme was produced in the form of sidewall craft. This was a nonamphibious vessel that had a solid hull down each side, with a plenum chamber beneath the hull sealed by flexible skirts at the bow and stern.

In the displacement mode, the central hull section floated in the water with the sidewalls well submerged, but when air was pumped into the plenum chamber, the hull was raised above the water and the sidewalls themselves were submerged for only some 12 inches 30 centimetresconsiderably reducing the hydrodynamic drag.

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The sidewall ACV has several advantages over the amphibious craft, although its use is confined to water: first, water propellers can be used, allowing a much greater freedom of control, especially at low speeds; second, the sidewalls themselves give the craft better stability and reduce the problems that are inherent in all-round flexible skirts. In the early s, sidewalls were once again in favour, especially among American manufacturers who saw a market for a high-speed marine freight carrier that would not need an amphibious capability.

The years —64 were a peak period for worldwide interest in Hovercraft, but by the early s only the British had produced what could truly be called a range of craft, and this against considerable odds.

There were signs, however, that U. The stagnation of the intervening seven years can be explained by the failure of air-cushion vehicles to live up to what many people thought was their original promise.

Cockerell and others had foreseen many of the difficulties, but some second-generation designers, builders, and, particularly, operators thought that the simple Hovercraft would be the answer to a variety of problems that at that stage of development were considerably beyond the scope of the craft available.

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In the first place, amphibious craft generally needed to be air-propelled. Directional control was imprecise, precluding their use on highways. As already mentioned, the design of motive pentru care bebelușii pierd în greutate după naștere materials used in flexible skirts had to be developed from the first, and not until was an efficient and economic flexible-skirt arrangement evolved, and even then the materials were still being developed.

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Another major problem arose when aircraft gas-turbine engines were used in a marine environment. Although such engines, suitably modified, had been installed in ships with some success, their transition into Hovercraft brought out their extreme vulnerability to saltwater corrosion.

By its very nature the air-cushion vehicle generates a great deal of spray when it is hovering over water, and the spray is drawn into the intakes of gas turbines in amounts not envisaged by the engine designer.

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Even after considerable filtering, the moisture and salt content is high enough to corrode large modern gas-turbine engines to such an extent that they need inperformance regiuni în greutate daily wash with pure water inperformance regiuni în greutate even then have a considerably reduced life span between overhauls.

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