Pierderea în greutate newborn aap.

Reactii alergice Bebelușii nu ar trebui să bea lapte de vacă până la vârsta de cel puțin 12 luni, potrivit Academiei Americane de Pediatrie. Nou-născuților cărora li se administrează lapte de vacă nealterat pot dezvolta boli grave, inclusiv diaree, anemie și dezechilibru electrolitic. Aceste consecințe pot provoca daune permanente și pot amenința viața nou-născutului.

As a graphic designer and mom who needs a feeling of control I decided to summarize everything I found about baby weaning into an organized infographic. I mean, I was happy to see her, of course. But I was also recovering from major surgery and everything was a little surreal.

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Hi, I'm a new mom — now what? From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, superdupershoppers.

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We hope you find what you are searching for! In here, we will share the 5 things we wish we knew as first time parents.

Ce este icterul la bebeluși?

Read this to find out 25 Innovative Photography Ideas for Kids. How can you make it easier and less awkward?


Learn what is breast involution and how it affects the form of your breast. Find out 12 useful tips that help you prevent breast sagging.

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See what you can do while breastfeeding to keep your skin healthy and glowing. All his shenanigans and mischiefs ought to be photographed!

As a parent, every little moment that you spend with your little boy turns into a precious one. To watch him evolve into a grown-up man is going to be quite a journey.

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  • Ce este icterul la bebeluși?
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Why not capture all Foods that improve milk supply.

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